Artificial Intelligence in Marketing with Will Ammerman

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing with Will Ammerman

Voice assistants and related technologies have made our lives easier. While artificial intelligence can simplify every task, this technology also offers priceless benefits on the other side. For those looking to market their products and services, AI makes it possible to target a specific type of customer.

In part 2 of my interview with William Ammerman, we discuss how even small business owners can take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence in marketing. William is a thought leader, technologist, and author of The Invisible Brand.

You can listen to part 1 of my interview with William Ammerman here. 

Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

There are very powerful things that small businesses need to think about in order to deploy artificial intelligence in marketing. Starting at 1:50, William encourages owners to think about the voice user interface. Even more customers are using voice search in their cars, on their phones, and through their televisions than ever before. Today, search engines prioritize local results, and if you cannot be found, you cannot succeed. 

William applied these ideas by thinking about how his book would be purchased. He had to ensure that his product could be found through voice search. Another example would be a pizzeria owner ensuring that their restaurant comes up in local directories.

Think about Your Customers

Learning about AI and putting it to work for you are two very different things. Due to this, it is vital that you consider how your customers make their purchasing decisions. 

At 4:40, William talks about separating the path to purchase into 4 specific chunks. By thinking about each of these factors, you will come up with ways to make your product or service stand out:

  • Your consumer
  • The device they are using
  • Voice assistants they use
  • The services you provide

Answering Customer Questions

Utilizing voice search in your marketing means putting these search standards to work for you. When customers use voice search, they often ask specific questions that they wouldn’t type into Google. Listen at 6:49 where William explains how you have to optimize your online marketing to answer these questions. 

Segmenting Your Audience

Do you know who your customers are? When you look at your cash register receipts, can you identify who fits into what category? At 7:45, William discusses how knowing how to segment your audience can help you improve your marketing process. 

For example, a pet shop owner may note which customers buy dog food, use boarding services, or use grooming services. Artificial intelligence allows the owner to sort these customers into specific segments. As a result, the owner can target these segments with different marketing campaigns.

Understanding and segmenting your audience with AI is a huge option for local small business owners. However, it is key to remember that technology is available at a super local level. You do not need to be a business like Google to take advantage of artificial intelligence in marketing your company.  

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