You Aren’t Selling a Product – You are Selling a Reaction!

You Aren’t Selling a Product – You are Selling a Reaction!

If you have seen Spike TV’s hit show Bar Rescue you are probably a fan of the larger than life hard hitting star of the show Jon Taffer.  I recently interviewed him on my show The Profit Express (88.7 FM WRHU) and I want to share with you Jon’s take on what you and I are really selling on a daily basis!

If you don’t watch Bar Rescue let me share the show’s premise.  Jon Taffer is a bar/restaurant expert with over 30 years’ experience of turning around and building over 800 establishments.  When Jon is brought into a bar they usually aren’t just failing.  Many are on the brink of disaster, in major debt and about to close their doors.  Jon’s job is to dismantle their ego and bad habits in the hope of turning them into a winner.

As business owners and sales people we often spend a lot of time obsessing about our products and services.  After all that is what our customers are buying – right?  Well maybe not.

Jon Taffer shared with me a unique idea I had really never considered before.  While you may think that bars are in the business of selling the best beer or trendiest cocktails – Taffer would disagree.

Taffer says, “That we serve reactions and achieve them through the drinks.”  He says we are all serving reactions and we are achieving those reactions through whatever the product or service happens to be!!!  Brilliant.

In our interview Jon goes on to say, “When people see your product one of two things will happen.  Either they will sit up and smile or nothing.  And if nothing happens your business will be stuck in mediocrity forever.”

Now might be a good time to consider what kind of reaction your customers are enjoying when they purchase your products or services.  Ask yourself – is there more fizzle than sizzle or are your customer’s mouths watering and eyes popping?

Listen to Jon Taffer’s Podcast

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