How to Build Customer Loyalty: Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports

How to Build Customer Loyalty: Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports

In today’s world, you need more than a great product to have a successful business. However, it can be confusing for many business owners to connect with customers. How can you build customer loyalty with limited marketing resources? The answer may be easier than you think. 

In part 2 of my interview with Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports, we discuss the importance of the right mindset. With the right attitude and strategy, every business owner can drive customer loyalty. 

If you missed part 1 of my interview with Rob, you can download it here. 

The Bacon Sports Mindset

Bacon Sports is a sports content and social media marketing agency that helps brands engage with sports fans. If you think it sounds like a fun place to work, you’d be correct!

At 1:00, Rob discusses what goes on during a typical Bacon Sports meeting. The company culture allows anyone with an idea to bring it to the table. However, as Rob emphasizes, execution is key. Just like any business owner with an idea, you have to have a plan. Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is essential.

Solving Your Limited Resources

When you own your own business, your time and resources are already spread thin. For those owners who can’t imagine taking on another project, there are still a few “must haves.” 

At 4:00, Rob solves the limited resource issue. Business owners looking to build customer loyalty must take the correct mindset. Even a simple action like adding a question to every post can drive engagement. Once you’ve asked a question, respond back to every single person to answers your questions. By building trust in even one customer, you will create a stronger, more loyal relationship. 

Building Relationships Takes Time

We live in a fast-paced world, and patience is indeed a virtue. In the world of marketing, having patience is key when it comes to building customer loyalty. At 5:55, Rob discusses how it takes time to build a relationship. When you engage with the same people over and over, you will start to see results. It doesn’t take a large marketing budget to have the right engagement mindset and practices in place.

1st Phorm: A Company Doing it Right

At 6:49, Rob talks about a brand that he admires, 1st Phorm. The owner of 1st Phorm changed the company strategy from “we sell supplements” to “we transform peoples’ lives.” Buyers aren’t just customers, they are members of The Legion of Boom. The 1st Phorm social media strategy focuses on user-generated content such as before and after pictures to sell products.

1st Phorm is just one example of a company that understands how to use social media to build customer loyalty. It has more than a customer base – it has a community. 

Using User-Generated Content

One thing that is truer than ever in the world of marketing is that people love to see their name in lights. Using user-generated content in social media can help you increase your reach without any additional effort. If you share someone’s video, the user is probably going to share that post with everyone they know. Listen at 9:12 as Rob explains how one Bacon Sports client, Pop-A-Shot, has built its online presence through user-generated content. 

Rob is proud that Bacon Sports has helped countless clients build a community. He knows the impact that every engagement has. 

Making Your Community Last

Let’s be real – not every brand will last forever. However, as Rob explains at 11:10, forming a connection with fans will help your name live on. When you create a connection with customers, they will always remember you. 

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