Want to Double or Triple Your Sales?

Want to Double or Triple Your Sales?

Is your business hitting 6 figures in revenue? What if you could hit 7 or 8 figures? While you might think these are impossible numbers to hit, the reality is, they’re fully within reach of your business. My guest today is here to chat about how with some quick changes, he took his family business to levels never seen before.

This week on The Profit Express I sit down with Ryan Margolin. Ryan is the CEO of Professional Hair Labs, a manufacturer and supplier of premium hair products. He is here to share his insight on how he tripled the revenue of his family business in just 18 months, as well as the challenges of taking over and transforming his father’s company.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to hear how transforming the business’s branding and marketing has led to more than $55 million in sales worldwide for Professional Hair Labs.

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