Gillette Commercial Controversy

What Can Gillette Teach You

Gillette Commercial Controversy

The Gillette Commercial Controversy was the hot topic of my interview with Hilary Topper.  Hilary is the founder of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and in addition to getting her clients major media placements and social awareness she is an author, blogger, and podcaster.

What Gillette Can Teach You is a very powerful message on how to get attention for your brand.  The Gillette ad entitled, “The Best Men Can Be” went viral and as of the writing of this post had over 28 million views on YouTube.  This ad raises a number of important issues worth considering.  As the owner or manager of a brand this is a conversation worthy of your time.

I wanted to share with you the opinion of a branding expert to see What Gillette Can Teach You.  So listen in at 4:05 as Hilary shares her opinion of this rather controversial ad.

What Can Gillette Teach You

When I asked what Hilary thought of this ad here is what she said.  “Honestly I think it was brilliant.  I absolutely love that ad.  They are trying to generate a conversation and that is exactly what they are doing,” said Hilary.

As a woman, a mother, and as a branding expert the ad resonated with Hilary.  Did it resonate with YOU?

Listen at 6:32 as I play Devil’s Advocate about the ad.  What’s your take?  I asked Hilary if it is dangerous for brands to try and teach lessons about socially heated topics.

Gillette Brings an Issue to Light

Hilary said, “I think brands have always, not necessarily controversial, but have always brought up issues.  Gillette is bringing an issue to light that is there, that is important and that is real.”

Then I asked Hilary how she would advise a client who wants to get behind an issue with their brand.  Hilary felt that clients should ALWAYS get behind an issue that they are passionate about.

To learn more about Hilary’s attention getting prowess check her out here.  You can also continue to enjoy more amazing episodes of The Profit Express by downloading right here.


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