How to Handle Rejection: Jeannie Moon 

How to Handle Rejection: Jeannie Moon 

Rejection is just a part of life. From aspiring entrepreneurs to sales professionals and everyone in between, we all have to hear the word “no.” How can you continue on without letting rejection crush your dreams? My guest today is here to tell a story of how a rejection letter paved the way for a successful career. Her story is a unique one, and can help you learn how to handle rejection in business and in life. 

Today’s guest is Jeannie Moon, a USA Today best selling author who is currently writing her 16th romance novel. She has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her books. For Jeannie, success began with a rejection. It was a thoughtful and encouraging rejection letter that gave her the confidence to not give up on her dream of writing. Her determination and hustle will inspire you to take the first step towards your goals. 

An Early Love for Writing

Jeannie’s passion for writing started when she was younger, when her aunt would slip her romance novels. She was a lifelong fan of reading, and started penning her own works as a teenager. Listen at 4:30 to learn how even as a young writer, she knew how to market her stories to a crowd. She would write these short stories and loan them out to friends. 

The Importance of Just Getting Started 

Like so many other writers, Jeannie always dreamed of authoring her own novel. One day after coming home from grocery shopping, she realized she had that story in her. At 6:40, she discusses how she took 3 hours to write out a synopsis for what would become her first book.

Taking this first step was the catalyst Jeannie needed on her path as an author. While the first draft of her book wasn’t the best, it was necessary for her to learn the writing process. Many of us struggle with getting started on a hobby or a dream. Jeannie did what is important for anyone with a dream to do – just take that first step. 

Telling a Story 

Millions of people call themselves writers. However, as Jeannie explains at 7:40, finishing a book is a rare feat for any writer. Out of every 10 people who say they want to write a book, 3 will start. 2 of those 3 will finish, and just half a percent of those 2 will be published.

Creating a List

If you are like most people, you have faced rejection. By knowing how to handle rejection in business and life, you can set yourself up for success.

Listen at 9:15 where Jeannie discusses the rejections she received from her first book. Instead of letting a “no” leave her feeling dejected, she took charge. She created a list of editors and agents who worked on books that she enjoyed reading and who might like what she wrote. 

The Rejection Letter

After reaching out to countless editors and agents, Jeannie received a request for a full manuscript from one editor. Instant success, right? Not exactly. At 10:20, Jeannie talks about the rejection letter that changed her life. The letter was very thorough, and detailed areas for improvement. At the end of the letter, the editor told her to not give up. She recommended that Jeannie find a local chapter of romance writers to help hone her craft. 

A Refusal to Quit

We’ve all been rejected at some point in our lives. Each day, thousands of great ideas go to the grave because someone decided to stop. Jeannie refused to quit, and persevered until she achieved success. As she tells listeners at 13:15, if you believe in an idea, don’t give up on it. She took the editor’s advice, and reached out to a local writing group. Her writing improved, and she took those lessons to her next works. 

Landing the Deal

Armed with determination and new writing knowledge, Jeannie kept pushing on. Listen at 14:15 to hear about her first deal. Knowing how to handle rejection helped her land a 3 book deal, and paved the way for a writing career that continues to grow.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my interview with Jeannie Moon to learn more about her stories, and how the publishing industry has changed. To learn more about Jeannie and her books, you can visit her at 

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