How to Hustle: Brandon Steiner

How to Hustle: Brandon Steiner

Success takes more than just hard work and luck. You have to know how to hustle. My guest today has built his career on hustling hard.

My guest today is Brandon Steiner, a titan in the sports memorabilia industry. Brandon is a sports marketer, and is the founder and former CEO of Steiner Sports. He is here today to tell stories on how to hustle to push yourself to achieve your wildest dreams.

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“You Gotta Have Balls”

Brandon’s first book, You Gotta Have Balls, offers some key advice to people of all ages. Listen at 5:30 as he details this advice. Brandon believes that you have to be fearless in life, and never play small. So many people achieve a small amount of success, and they stop short of their potential to be extraordinary. When you are wondering how to hustle, remember that there is no shortcut to success. There is always more to come.

Focusing on What is Important

In 2000, Brandon sold Steiner Sports. While this was a proud moment for him, it also represented one of the lowest feelings he’s ever had. At 9:50, he discusses how despite receiving a large check for the sale, he realized that he had been so focused on being the best businessperson he could be that he didn’t focus on his family and friends.

“Figure it Out”

Brandon is the proud father of two children. As a father, he believes in only setting a couple of key rules for his kids. Listen at 24:35 as he talks about one of his most important ones: “figure it out for yourself.” Brandon tells the story of his son needing a ride to school. Rather than just give him the ride, Brandon challenged his son to figure out how to hustle for himself.

The lesson here is an important one. You won’t always have a ride to where you need to go. When you are faced with a challenge, you need to be ready to figure things out on your own.

The Importance of Renegotiating Relationships

As we go through life, we all face changes, especially in our relationships. At 25:30, Brandon discusses how instead of blowing up a relationship, at times, it becomes necessary to renegotiate your friendship. Whether your friend got married, became a parent, or went through another life-changing event, it’s important to remember that things will always change. Sit down with your friend, see how he or she has evolved, and renegotiate the relationship.

An MVP Lesson

Today, Brandon is known for being a successful sports marketer. But it took many mistakes for him to get where he is. Listen at 29:40 as Brandon recalls a personal story with Super Bowl MVP Ottis Anderson. Ottis imparted some very important lessons at the start of Brandon’s career, helping him to change his perspective and be prepared for challenges.

Keep Dreaming

Brandon achieved success because he knew how to hustle with his great ideas. At 34:35, he talks about why he is a big fan of daydreaming. Brandon believes that everything great starts with a dream. Your dream is the initiator that gets you to your purpose. Don’t be afraid to let your mind wander – dreaming big is an inexpensive way to develop ideas.


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