Made in America: Sara Irvani

Made in America: Sara Irvani

When your grandfather risked it all to come to America in the 80’s to start a shoe manufacturing company, you have the beginnings of a great story.   It is the story of a company that would make their products in America, pay women equal wages and create eco-friendly products. It is a story now being told by the 3rd generation CEO – his granddaughter.

My guest this week is Sara Irvani. Sara is the CEO of Okabashi Brands, a family-owned-and-operated shoe factory located in Buford, Georgia, since 1984. Okabashi is among the last remaining 1% of shoe manufacturers still located in the United States, and in its 37 years in business, has crafted more than 40 million pairs of eco-friendly shoes. Okabashi is already a leader in sustainable, Made in the USA footwear, and Sara aspires to make Okabashi Brands’ the go-to brand for a variety of responsible consumers.

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