Making Your Personality Your Brand

Making Your Personality Your Brand

Making Your Personality Your Brand

Making Your Personality Your Brand can be a great way to connect with prospects based on personal interests.  Let’s face it – we like to do business with people we like!  Making Your Personality Your Brand can be a great way to connect!

On this episode of The Profit Express I am discussing how Making Your Personality Your Brand can help you get positive attention for you and your company.  My guest is Hilary Topper, who is the founder of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and also an author, blogger, and pod-caster.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Hilary for years and she has always had a super-fun personality.  She has done a great job of sharing her personality, interests and hobbies with two different blogs.  The 1st one is New York Lifestyle Blog and the other is A Triathlete’s Diary.

Making Your Personality Your Brand is Good for Business

Neither one of Hilary’s blogs are directly related to her business.  One is about the life of a triathlete and the other is lifestyle based.  How the heck does that make sense?  So I asked Hilary, “Why should a business owner incorporate their personality into their brand.”  Listen at 5:50 as Hilary shares how it is a great way to be able to relate and connect with a person based on shared interests.

As Hilary and I spoke it really made more and more sense.  She is sharing who she is as a triathlete as well as her personal favorite choices in food, wine and any other topics that interest her.  That creates a dialogue with clients and prospective clients who might also enjoy running a marathon or drinking chardonnay.  By sharing her interests she is able to connect on a personal level and that makes doing business more enjoyable.

At 11:35 listen in as Hilary describes how her two blogs help remove the stiffness that can be associated with being a CEO.  By sharing who she is and what she likes she is just another person who happens to own a public relations and branding company.  Now a connection can be made.  The prospect can relate to you and already feels that they know you even before they start doing business with you!  That is powerful and that is how Making Your Personality Your Brand can pay off.

To learn more about Hilary’s attention getting prowess check her out here.  You can also continue to enjoy more amazing episodes of The Profit Express by downloading right here.


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