Moverz: The Power of Community 

Moverz: The Power of Community 

They say that nothing in this world is accomplished alone. The biggest business successes came about because someone had not just an idea, but a network of people to make it work. The power of community is a major thing in the business world, and it can mean the difference between sleeping on an idea and bringing it to life. 

My guests today are Ryan Costello and Kenzie Ferrara from Moverz. Moverz is a local collective of entrepreneurs that seeks to connect individuals with like-minded people to make their ideas into a reality. From artists to musicians and everyone in between, their mission is to help everyone build a community. Moverz also looks to help prevent the mass exodus of people from leaving Long Island by creating more opportunities to help them thrive here.

The Start of Moverz

Moverz began, like so many success stories have, as an idea. Listen at 3:20 where Ryan discusses the early days of the company. When he was in high school, he created a YouTube channel as a way to help musicians get their music noticed. The channel grew to more than 5,000 subscribers before Ryan went to college. While he wanted to keep growing the channel, he didn’t have team support he needed.

The same ideas behind this YouTube channel carried over into Moverz. Ryan and his co-founders wanted to create a way to help others who had an idea but weren’t sure what steps to take to make it a reality. As they met others who didn’t know how to take that first step, they realized just how important it was to help individuals find support through the power of community.

Finding Your Group

Why should someone think of Moverz as a resource? At 9:58, Ryan and Kenzie discuss the powerful feeling that comes with growing with each other. Moverz has made it easier for musicians, artists, writers, and everyone else to connect with similar people. Many individuals can work on their own and achieve success. However, having others to push and collaborate with can make the difference between an idea that never gets started and a success story.

A Generational Difference

Many people find that they work better on their own. For older generations, it was almost expected that you pull yourself up by yourself. But Moverz sees that changing times have made it easier for like-minded people to come together.

Listen at 13:30 where Ryan talks about the generational change. With the rise in social media, it is easier to connect with each other than ever before. Our society is at a place where networking is possible all over the world. With changing priorities and access to just about anyone, it becomes easier for dreamers to do more than just survive.

Always on the Go

As their name implies, the Moverz are always on the go. At 15:25, Ryan and Kenzie discuss how they use the power of community to help others host events. As the company currently operates out of Ryan’s basement apartment, they often look to other spaces. If someone wants to host a meetup at their store or location, they can use the event to not only collaborate, but to gain extra exposure for their business.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my interview with Ryan and Kenzie, where we discuss the  importance of having resources and people there for you as you work on your ideas.


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