Seeing Opportunity During Crisis: Andrew Russell

Seeing Opportunity During Crisis: Andrew Russell

Despite all the instability in the world, you can always bet on yourself. By finding your niche and working hard, you can take advantage of opportunity during even the biggest crisis. My guest this week found the perfect role and persevered through challenging times, and today he owns a nationally-recognized company.

This week I sit down with Andrew Russell. Andrew is the owner of RCG Mortgage, a Long Island mortgage brokerage that was just named one of the INC 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in America. He is here this week to chat about how he found his niche in the mortgage industry, despite joining right before the crash of 2008. Andrew’s story and perseverance will inspire you to keep believing in yourself, even when you are surrounded by naysayers.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to hear why Andrew stuck it out during his difficult early days in the industry, and which is more important to success, being a good leader or a good manager.

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