Phil Capell and Tim Healy Discuss Sales Training

Phil Capell and Tim Healy Discuss Sales Training

Sales. Whether you are new to the profession, or you are a seasoned veteran, there is always something to learn. But how do you go about sales training without risking too much?

My guest today is no stranger to the show. Phil Capell is a successful financial advisor and the founder Piermont Wealth Management. He is also the “voice of finance” of The Profit Express. Today he has flipped the tables and has taken on the role of interviewer. Download today’s episode for a look inside my life with Healy Success Solutions, where I help clients take sales from prospects to profit. 

About Healy Success Solutions

You’re never too successful to find a better way to do things. At 5:22, I explain the background of Healy Success Solutions. I develop sales systems in B2B (business to business) environments. I am there to assist clients, from the first point of contact to closing and everything in between. 

Marketing vs. Sales

Many people believe that marketing and sales professionals perform the same tasks. Listen at 6:40 where I go through the differences between these important practices. To me, marketing is about developing a message and brand for the product, company, or service. It involves sharing that message to create an awareness and call to action to get a prospect to reach out. Once that is completed, sales takes over.

Sales involves identifying a need and matching it with a product or service. At 7:40, I explain a recent study by Hubspot about consumer knowledge. According to Hubspot, the average prospect in the business world is already 50% into the sales process by the time they make first contact. 

Common Sales Problems

Not seeing success in sales? Prospecting could be your big problem. Listen at 12:15 where I explain the most common issues I find in my sales training clients. I’ve noticed that people are afraid to qualify, and they often chase leads and prospects that they shouldn’t be chasing. The average sales individual will hold onto a bad prospect for too long, because there is always that tiny sliver of hope that the sale will go through. For these prospects, you are wasting your time and confidence. 

The Healy Success Solutions Sales Training Process

What happens during sales training? At 15:15, I go through my process for working with new clients.  Essentially it is a three part process starting with Sales System Development, Sales Team Training, and Sales Performance Coaching which becomes the most important part.

Changing with the Times

Things are always changing, and sales is no different. Listen at 19:00 where I discuss what’s different about my sales training process over the last year. Now, I am focusing more on selling to millennials, who have become the largest part of the workforce. There are very specific ways to reach this segment, and understanding these ways can make you a better salesperson.

Listening: The Key to Sales

Are you a good listener? Part of being a human is being terrible at listening to another person. At 22:57, I explain why listening is the most important part of sales, bar none. If you can’t listen effectively, everything else is compromised. 

Think about it: if you are talking to another person and you can’t understand his or her perspective, you have nothing. Listening gives you the chance to ask a follow-up question, which can lead to the sale. A prospect will always give you the clues you need – if you’re willing to listen. 

The Most Important Sales Traits 

Can anyone be trained to be successful in sales? Of course! Whether you were born with a gift for selling, or you recently started in the industry, there are three key traits you need for success.

Listen at 26:05 where Phil and I discuss the most important traits for anyone looking to succeed in sales. A sales professional needs confidence, tenacity, and positivity to overcome the challenges he or she will face on the job. Lacking one of these traits is often a reason for missing out on a sale – not a lack of product knowledge. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Phil’s interview with me, where we discuss more on how Healy Success Solutions has brought sales training to countless professionals.  

If you liked my discussion with Phil, download more episodes of The Profit Express to take your sales skills to the next level.


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