Solar Energy Soaring on Long Island – Part II

Solar Energy Soaring on Long Island – Part II

Solar Energy Soaring on Long Island

As you know energy is a hot topic.  And it is solar energy that is making a splash.  Listen to my interview with local solar energy expert Michael Passantino of Trinity Solar as he shares the growth potential on Long Island.  More money was invested in solar power in 2017 than in coal, gas and nuclear power combined.  That is according to a new report for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Since the acceptance and usage of solar is soaring I wanted to have a conversation on the Profit Express with a local leader.  Trinity Solar is the leader on LI for installations.  Under Michael’s direction they are not only leading LI for installations they now have 145 employees.  According to Michael the economy for solar power is very strong.  Homeowners are becoming more acceptable of solar power as an option.

Solar Energy’s 1st Customers

The first wave of solar customers, were the people who are environmentally conscious.  “Now, Michael said, more customers are seeing the installations and curious about the benefits.”  This second wave of clients, tend to be more attracted by the financial benefits.

Since Long Island has the 3rd highest energy rates in the US, Long Island is ripe for solar expansion.  Energy bills can be reduced from 40-60%.  There are currently 46,000 solar installations – which is not even 5% of homes on LI.

Building a Workforce

Michael has built his team of 145 employees in less than three years.  Michael’s workforce is predominantly Millennials.  Michael attributes his ability to attract them by better communicating and letting them know they are a part of a team.

Growing by Giving

Since Trinity is a faith-based organization they are big believers in giving back.  This philosophy of giving back has helped them grow tremendously on Long Island.  Trinity is a member of the Pink Tie Give Back Program which raises money and awareness for LI charities.  They have created a Go Giver movement of giving 1st and getting 2nd.  Michael says, “It is all about a giving 1st and getting 2nd.  By helping local charities we can help local businesses grow as well.”

To learn more about Trinity Solar visit them here.

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