Tim’s Top Sales Strategies & Tips

Tim’s Top Sales Strategies & Tips

You can’t find success in sales without the right plan in place. But how can you filter out weak leads and increase your numbers? Today I will be sharing with you some of my favorite Sales Strategies, Tips and Techniques – these are the same strategies that I use each and every day and that I share with my clients that are used in the field on a daily basis. 

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How big is your ASS?

You should always be growing the size of your ASS.

I don’t mean by sitting around on your couch – I mean your Average Size Sale. At :25, I discuss ways you can relate to your customers in order to increase the average order value that they place with you. Even a simple “I have a suggestion for you” can take you from being an order taker to an order maker with clients, increasing your profits by a large amount.

Earning a Seat at Your Table

You probably know by now that a pipeline is the most basic tool in sales and business to track your open opportunities, proposals, and quotes. At 6:40, I discuss why as a sales professional, you should limit your pipeline to those who have actually earned a seat at your table.

While you may wonder why limiting your pipeline is a smart move, remember that in sales, time is money. As a business professional, you live or die by your pipeline. How qualified are your opportunities?

Sales Lessons from George Foreman

Throughout the years, The Profit Express has brought you hundreds of stories of sales legends across nearly every industry. One of our most popular shows featured sales strategies and lessons from legendary boxer George Foreman.

Listen at 15:05 as I recap one of George’s most important lessons: always be ready to sell.


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