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In a world where “Feature and Benefit Selling” no longer connects you with your customers or separates you from your competition, you must ask yourself, “is it the right time to see if your sales system is ready for growth?”

Is your sales system scalable?  Is it manageable? Is your sales team reaching their targets consistently?

Healy Success Solutions designs sales systems to specifically address each step in your selling process from 1st Point of Contact to Close.  Our Prospect to Profit Systems offers your sales teams the ability to:


Lead the sales process from 1st point of contact to close.


Stop wasting time with unqualified prospects.


Position your product/service as the solution for your clients.


Close more sales starting today.


Sales are rarely lost because of a lack of product knowledge.  Rather they are lost because sales people have never learned what it means to be able to communicate with a prospect in order to understand the prospect’s world.

Your sales team will learn how to have a clearly defined approach from 1st Point of Contact to Close in a consultative environment.

Sales Team Training in the Prospect to Profit System will give your team the skills necessary to:


Identify your prospect’s needs.


Qualify what is the “Now Selling Opportunity”


Understand how decisions are really made.


Position your product / service as the solution.

The approach is not to overwhelm your team with theory.  Instead, training will show sales people how their new techniques can be applied to their typical sales call.


This is what it all comes down to. Sales Performance Coaching makes the transition from training to real world.

Creating an environment of success comes down to doing. Through the “magic of doing work” sales people will be able to practice their newly acquired skills with real live prospects.

Coaching allows you to work with the prospect meetings that were on the phone or in person. Based on those meetings we can coach any sales person through the system to discover:

Is the sales person properly qualifying?

Do they understand the prospect’s needs?

Have they positioned their product/service as the solution?

Are they in control of the sales call?

Essentially coaching lets the sales person know if this is the right prospect for them. Can they realistically help this prospect or should they move on.

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