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Tim Healy, host of business radio talk show, The Profit Express, peels back the onion with today’s top entrepreneurs.

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Tim Healy’s Profit Express interviews are available as full hours or as sponsorable 60 second features.

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  • Tim’s sales program has significantly added to my company’s bottom line. I would recommend him to anyone serious about increasing their sales closing rate and in turn, their profitability.

    Phil Capell
    CEO of Piermont Wealth Management
  • Tim was an integral part of building our sales model. He helped my management team and I better use data to inform our practices – resulting in huge revenue increases to our business!

    Dave Kerpen
    Founder & CEO, Likeable Local, NYT Best-Selling Author

Profit Express 88.7 FM WRHU

If you want an audience of 25-54 year old business owners and executives who want to be entertained and to make money, Tim Healy’s Profit Express Delivers.

Tim’s ability to engage guests, by peeling back the onion, results in great stories and usable advice.

His guests include business leaders and celebrities from AOL Founder Steve Case, to Barbara Corcoran, Mike Rowe, to a best-selling former Gambino Mobster and George Foreman. You can listen to George as he shares why he was ready to sell his famous grill right after losing a 12 Round Fight! You’ll never want to miss an interview!

Guests of Tim Healy’s Profit Express share amazing stories that reveal their top secrets so his audience can gain real profits. These are interviews you won’t hear anywhere else.


Dirty Jobs Drive Modern Society

Tim Healy and Mike Rowe talk Dirty Jobs.

How do Dirty Jobs impact your daily life? Well if you enjoy the conveniences of modern society listen as Mike Rowe shows what happens when the plumber doesn’t show up for work. The stuff hits the fan – literally!

Dirty Jobs Driving Modern Society - Mike Rowe

Sell me this Pencil

Tim Healy discovers Mike Rowe’s selling secrets.

Mike Rowe got his big break on QVC and he did it by selling a pencil!

Sell me this pencil

Are you Listening? Can you Hear me?

Tim Healy on the Art of Listening

Why should you listen – because every human being on the planet wants to be heard? When you listen relationships will form, problems will be solved and money can be made.


Are you Ready to Make the Sale?

George Foreman shares a surprising story about his famous grill.

George Foreman shares with Tim how you have to be ready to make the sale right here and now? Listen as George was ready to sell the George Foreman Grill even after losing a 12 Round Title Fight!

Are you ready to make the sale? - George Foreman

You Are Really Selling the WOW Factor

Jon Taffer on the importance of selling WOW.

Jon Taffer tells Tim Healy how you can get the right reactions from your customers and clients the first time and every time! Are you selling your customers the WOW Factor?

You are really selling reactions - Taffer

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Looking to connect your company, product/service or radio station
with more business owners and entrepreneurs?