I’ve been working with Tim for over two years, and he has become a valued member of my wealth management practice. Tim is business savvy. I believe his experience from interviewing leaders in various industries via his podcast has given him great insight in what it takes to be successful in business. He knows the wealth management industry well and can simplify key concepts that can be directly linked to an enhanced client experience and increased revenues. I’ve been working with business coaches since 2015 and I believe what separates Tim from other coaches is his passion for success/results and his accessibility. I also appreciate his ability to listen and capture my concerns and important objectives. Lastly, Tim’s meeting recaps are invaluable. They help chronicle the progress you’re making and what still needs to be done. I highly recommend Tim and would be happy to discuss my experience.

Testimonial Anthony DeAngelo, APMA
Anthony DeAngelo, APMA
President & Franchise Owner at Lionheart Wealth Management

What you realize very quickly when running a producer group is that you have certain areas where you excel and there are others where you need assistance. I met Tim after I had set up my producer group but was struggling to manage the growth of the organization and take the team to the next level. Tim provided me with tremendous guidance on how to manage staff growth and development, how to better understand the work flow required to run an efficient organization, and what I needed to do to trigger exponential growth in my business model. It has been 10 years that I’ve been working with Tim and today I have an organization that provides me with the ability to do what I do best, prospect, network and sell. Tim has been a trusted confidante and his insight and guidance has been a key component to my group’s ongoing success.

Testimonial David Rispler
David Rispler
Managing Partner, Premier Consulting Partners

I have worked with Tim since 2008 and he is an excellent sales coach. He has an unbelievable ability to educate you on the sales process and hold you accountable to your sales goals. Tim’s sales program has definitely added significantly to my company’s bottom line. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is serious about increasing their sales closing rate and in turn, their profitability.

Testimonial Phil Capell
Phil Capell
CEO of Piermont Wealth Management / Fee-only Retirement & Financial Advisor

Since hiring Tim my firm has been extremely happy with him and the results.  Tim has helped us build deeper relationships with our existing clients as well as acquiring new clients. We love his energy and vision and he has become a true partner in helping us build our business and brand.

Testimonial Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz
Managing Partner at Premier Consulting Partners LLC

Tim knows sales- really well- and was an integral part of building our sales model. He helped coach junior sellers to success and helped my management team and me better use data to inform our practices – resulting in huge revenue increases, and huge value to our business. Two huge likeable thumbs up to Tim!

Testimonial Dave Kerpen
Dave Kerpen
Founder & CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker