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Prospect to Profit Systems

Healy Success Solutions Inc.’s Prospect to Profit Systems have helped individual Financial Advisors and Producer Group Teams create lasting success by focusing on these Producer Group Strategies:

  1. Group’s Vision
  2. Partner Mindset
  3. Book of Business
  4. Client Communication
  5. Staff Development

Maximizing a Financial Advisor’s Greatest Assets

Group’s Vision

Group’s Vision – is a guided exercise to articulate WHY you chose to come together as a team and WHY it strengthens your ability to better serve your clients. Your Group Vision also serves as key content for your group’s messaging for marketing and social media.

Partner Mindset

Discusses how your role has evolved to include Partner, Financial Advisor and Manager. By identifying these roles, it allows each member to focus on the necessary strategic concepts to drive your team forward.

Book of Business

Your Book of Business is certainly one of your most valuable assets with untold growth potential. I work with groups to help identify and maximize their opportunity through strategic Client Communication and Client Service Models.

Client Communication Plan

Client Communication Plan – is developed to maximize how advisors spend time with their top tier clients. This plan gives advisors the ability to deepen client relationships while better qualifying their client’s financial needs.

Staff Development

Your Staff is a tremendously valuable asset as they can be one of your key drivers for client retention and process efficiency. Healy Success Solutions Inc. works with advisors and their Staff to ensure their Client On-Boarding Process and Client Service Offerings provide an experience in line with your expectations.

Tim Healy, President and Owner of Healy Success Solutions

As the President and Owner of Healy Success Solutions Inc., I start each day with the purpose of helping my clients Turn their Prospects into Profits!

I work directly with business owners, sales management and selling professionals to develop Consultative Sales Systems from 1st Point of Contact to Close. My clients are from finance, insurance, industrial manufacturing, social media, digital marketing, information technology, payroll, real estate, as well as law.

Beyond designing custom Consultative Sales Systems, I also develop comprehensive Sales Management Systems for managers with one location to those with a nationwide presence.

I am also the host of the business and sales podcast The Profit Express, with over 500 episodes, which is available every Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. In my quest to help you Win the Battle for Business I have interviewed business legends like George Foreman, Barbara Corcoran, AOL co-founder Steve Case, and Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer.

You can download and listen to episodes HERE.

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