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Prospect to Profit Systems

Healy Success Solutions Inc.’s Prospect to Profit Systems have helped individual Financial Advisors and Producer Group Teams create lasting success by focusing on their Three Core Assets:

  1. Book of Business
  2. Client Communication
  3. Staff Development

Maximizing a Financial Advisor’s Greatest Assets

Book of Business

The Prospect to Profit Systems have identified that many advisors have untold growth potential in their existing Book of Business and within their Circles of Influence. One of Tim’s strategies with financial advisors and producer groups focuses on maximizing their greatest asset – their Book of Business.

Client Communication

A Client Communication Plan is developed to optimize the time advisors spend with their clients especially as our world has become more virtual. This plan gives advisors the ability to deepen client relationships while better qualifying their client’s financial needs.

The Client Communication Plan then allows advisors to confidently ask clients for referrals. Additional strategies include identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within a producer group.

Tim also works with advisors to develop their brand message. This is a very effective strategy in highlighting your strengths as an advisor while identifying who are the right prospecting markets.

Staff Development

Your Staff is a tremendously valuable asset as they can be one of your key drivers for client retention and process efficiency. Healy Success Solutions Inc. works with advisors and their Staff to ensure their Client On-Boarding Process and Client Service Offerings offer an experience in line with your expectations.

Tim Healy at Trade Nassau

Tim Healy, President and Owner of Healy Success Solutions

Tim’s mission is to help sales organizations “Turn their Prospects into Profits”. For over 19 years Tim has helped individual sales professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate sales teams create selling success through his customized Prospect to Profit Sales Training & Coaching Programs.

Tim has created success with clients in finance, insurance, industrial manufacturing, social media, digital marketing, information technology, payroll, real estate, as well as law and accounting.

Tim is also the host of the business talk show, “The Profit Express” on 88.7 FM WRHU. Some of his guests include: AOL founder Steve Case, George Foreman, Barbara Corcoran (ABC’s Shark Tank), Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars), and more.

You can download and listen to episodes HERE.

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