Non-profits creating success

Non-profits creating success

Non-profits creating success!

In a recent interview on The Profit Express on 88.7FM WRHU I wanted to explore the business side of non-profits and how important selling is to their mission.

If you are one of 11 million Americans working for a non-profit or you are committed to the cause of a non-profit you will want to hear my interview with non-profit strategic consultant Karen Suero.  As the owner of KSS Ltd., Karen helps her clients succeed through development, fundraising, strategic planning and board of director’s governance.

When I spoke with Karen Suero she shared how important a Board of Directors is to the cause.  You need to get the right mix of people who are committed to the mission.  Karen also stressed the need for term limits so the Board doesn’t become stale and out of touch.

Karen said, “In 2016 donors want transparency.  They want to see where the money is going.  It isn’t just about giving money to a good cause.  If you are a donor you want to know your money is going to a science lab or 5 scholarships for $10k each.”

Talking to Karen my opinion was confirmed – non-profits are in the business of sales.  And “sales” is not a dirty word.  Let’s face it – without the direct or indirect support of their respective donor communities (aka customers) they cease to exist and the cause (that you love) stops being supported.

Non-profit organizations – whether they are a school, a church, a hospital, a social cause, a medical cause, or a political cause – need and are looking for your support in order to survive.

So at the end of the day even though the non-profit doesn’t sound like or look like a business – in my opinion they really are.  And if they aren’t run like a business in many ways they are out of business.

Enjoy listening to my interview with Karen Suero on The Profit Express – 88.7 FM WRHU!


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