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Guess the Business Icon with Scott Baker

Guess the Business Icon with Scott Baker

We could all learn something from the business icons of yesterday and today. But before we learn from them, shouldn’t we know who they are?

On this special edition of The Profit Express, I sit down with one of my favorite guests to test his knowledge on the world’s biggest success stories. My guest is improv comedian Scott Baker, and he is here to play “Guess the Business Icon.” Listen in and see if you can figure out the clues!

If you missed Part 1 of my chat with Scott, you can download it here.

An Entertainment Revolutionary

Love television and movies? You’re not alone. At :08, Scott guesses which business icon has revolutionaized the way that the world is entertained.

Changing the World of Auto and Tech

Listen at 5:17 for Round 3 of Guess the Business Tycoon. This round’s icon was born in South Africa, and is the longest-tenured CEO of any auto manufacturer around the world.

One of the World’s Wealthiest

Can you name some of the world’s wealthiest people? At 8:20, I test Scott’s knowledge on this very topic. This round’s icon is one of the richest people in the world. He has also pledged to give away 99% of his wealth when he dies.

The King of Candy

What’s in a name? Listen at 11:20 for the next round of clues. Scott was almost stumped by this famous candyman, who was born with the middle name of Snavely. This business icon also purchased a ticket on the Titanic, but a business emergency made him cancel his plans.

A Fashion Icon

One of the most successful business icons in the world got her start selling fax machines door to door. At 14:12, Scott tests his knowledge on this self-made billionaire.


How many icons were you able to name?

If you liked my chat with Scott, download more episodes of The Profit Express to help you on your road to success.

James Dowd: Growing a Successful Business

James Dowd: Growing a Successful Business

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John Jantsch: Pursue Your Passions

John Jantsch: Pursue Your Passions

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Being Self-Reliant with John Jantsch

Being Self-Reliant with John Jantsch

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Starting a Purpose-Led Business: John’s Crazy Socks

Starting a Purpose-Led Business: John’s Crazy Socks

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John’s Crazy Socks: A Family Business

John’s Crazy Socks: A Family Business

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Sunny Bonnell: Being a Rebel

Sunny Bonnell: Being a Rebel

When most people think of a “rebel,” they picture a troublemaker. The truth is, rebels are often the ones who enact change in society. Being a rebel isn’t something that should be discouraged, but instead should be celebrated.  

My guest today is inspired by being a rebel. She is Sunny Bonnell, co-founder of The Motto Agency, a creative marketing agency with business partner Ashleigh Hansberger. Sunny is also the co-author of Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different. Her book details how important it is to be true to yourself both in work and life. It also addresses seven “bad” traits (Rebellious, Audacious, Obsessed, Hot-Blooded, Weird, Hypnotic, Emotional) and how to use them to your benefit. 

Sunny’s Favorite Rebels 

Who are some of Sunny’s favorite rebels? Listen at 2:00 where she speaks about inspiring people like Emma Gonzalez and Rosa Parks. These two women made just one decision to speak up. To Sunny, that showcases what it means to be a rebel.  


Being True to Yourself with Sunny Bonnell

Being True to Yourself with Sunny Bonnell

Have the right plan in place. Don’t stray from the norm. Be conventional. It seems like there are rules behind everything that you do in business and in life. But what if we took those rules and turned them inside out? What if you started being true to yourself, instead of to what society expects of you? (more…)

Communication Training with Tracy Locke

Communication Training with Tracy Locke

Do you struggle to communicate effectively? You’re not alone. Whether in a personal or professional setting, being able to speak with and listen to others sets the stage for your relationships. When it comes to communication training, how can you learn to be better? The answer may surprise you: improv comedy!

My guest today is comedienne Tracy Locke, the professional warm up comedienne for the Mel Robbins show. Tracy is the co-owner of Productively Funny, a company that incorporates improv comedy into corporate training workshops. They use humor to help businesses improve communication skills of their staff. 

If you missed part 1 of my interview with Tracy, you can download it here.

Talking Over One Another

One of the most frequent complaints that people have in communication is that we all seem to be speaking over each other. As Tracy discusses at 3:05, the key to communicating is listening rather than speaking. You cannot speak on a topic if you aren’t paying attention to one another. Instead of checking your phone, you must give someone your undivided attention in business and personal relations. 

A key part of communication training is teaching people to not just wait for their turn to talk. Listening is vital to work together. 

The Future of Communication

Unfortunately, our reliance on technology as a form of communication likely will not change. At 5:00, Tracy explains how technology is a tool that should help your ability to communicate, but it has actually taken over. We no longer speak with each other – we are always on our phones. If you don’t listen to another person, how can you expect to add to a conversation?  

Are You Present in the Moment? 

Improv teaches participants to always be present in the moment. This lesson is vital for countless phases of business and life. 

Listen at 7:15 where Tracy discusses how important it is to always be in the moment. Whether you are speaking to one person or performing in front of a large crowd, people can always tell if you’re paying attention. There is something in human contact that can identify if someone is fully engaged with you. Without this engagement, it is impossible to build trust and an open and honest relationship. 

The Importance of Listening

Can someone become a better listener? At 11:35, Tracy explains that it is possible, as long as the person understands the reason why listening is so important. During communication training, individuals are put into someone else’s shoes. It’s only when they see what another person experiences that they understand how their actions can have certain effects. This understanding lets the trainee see the value in becoming a better listener.  

Being Vulnerable and Authentic

What is the key to communication? Listen at 19:30 where Tracy discusses the importance of being vulnerable and authentic. People innately know when you are being truthful, and they find comfort in someone who is actually trying to help them. Whether you are trying to close a sale or you are attempting to improve a relationship with a friend, being vulnerable and authentic will get you further. 

Resistance to Change

Millennials get a bad rap in the media. As Tracy explains at 23:15, the criticisms are often undeserved. She says that when it comes to communication training, millennials are less open to change than their baby boomer counterparts are. However, once you break down the barrier and show younger workers that they don’t look “weird” in training, they are more open to change. Once they’re in training, they’re totally into it. 

If you liked my interview with Tracy, you can download more episodes of The Profit Express to help you on the road to success.


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