Going the Extra Mile to Win the Battle for Business: Reed Nunnelee

Going the Extra Mile to Win the Battle for Business: Reed Nunnelee

Whether in sports, business, or life, those who succeed always have something in common. The most successful among us are the ones willing to work harder, dig deeper, and be comfortable being uncomfortable. My guest this week is here to discuss why he always goes the extra mile, and how he adapts his strategy for every challenge along the way.

This week I sit down with Reed Nunnelee. Reed is a lawyer at the Butler Snow Law Firm based in Jackson, Mississippi, and is also an ultramarathon runner. He has finished around a dozen ultras, ranging in distance from 50K to 100 miles. Reed is here to chat about how he overcomes overwhelming thoughts of quitting at the hardest parts of a race, and how you can apply that to Winning Your Battle for Business.

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