Being Scrappy is the key to Success!

Being Scrappy is the key to Success!

Are you Scrappy?

How can scrappy help you achieve success?  Listen to my interview with Terri Sjodin, author of Scrappy, as she shares great examples of how being scrappy can be the missing link to your success!

How often have you worked your tail off in the pursuit of a goal, only to fall short?  You see according to Terri hard work and persistence will only take you so far.

If you have an idea that needs to get attention or you need to get your foot in the door – scrappy may just be the answer.

What does it mean to be scrappy?

Well the definition includes – full of fighting spirit, synonymous with moxie, feisty, enthusiastic, gutsy, lively and spunky.

In my interview with Terri I felt that being scrappy is doing something that is original, creative and has an element of risk.  Are are your ideas original, creative and risky?  Will they help you break through the clutter?

One of my favorite stories from her book involved Sports Memorabilia icon Brandon Steiner – owner of Steiner Sports.  Brandon brokered a deal in 2009 with the NY Yankees to sell equipment and even the dirt from the stadium.  For $99, Steiner will sell fans a framed collectible featuring their ticket stub, a replica lineup card from that game and a thin Lucite rectangle full of dirt from the Yankee Stadium pitcher’s mound.

Here is another great story of how Girl Scout Danielle Lei used creativity and some risk taking to create success.

Danielle Lei is a Girl Scout, had a goal of selling over 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Danielle and her mom thought instead of going door to door they would set up a table outside of a legal marijuana distribution center in Northern California.  They sold 117 boxes in 2 hours.

How can you add an element of creativity and surprise to a goal that has been stalled?  If being Scrappy can help to sell dirt and Girl Scout Cookies – just think how it can help YOU!!!


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