The Battle for Longevity: Sergey Young

The Battle for Longevity: Sergey Young

Here on The Profit Express, we often talk about how to win the battle for business. But what about the battle for a longer and healthier life? My guest today wants to change the way we think about aging. He is here today to discuss his big plan to develop healthier longevity for 1 billion people.

My guest today is Sergey Young. He is a venture capitalist and the founder of the Longevity Vision Fund. Sergey is the author of Signs and Technology of Growing Young, and he is here to talk about the future, and the role that technology may play into it all.

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Developing the Vision

Inspiration always comes from a personal crisis. At 4:30, Sergey discusses how a personal health crisis inspired him to not only redefine his health strategy, but to bring it to 1 billion people.

What is aging?

It seems like we all follow a similar pattern. We are born, grow up, have kids, care for our kids, and then die. But what happens when we start to age in our 40s? Listen at 6:40 as Sergey defines aging, and how Mother Nature plays a role in why we age.

Wearing Your Health

Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin. It seems everyone has a fitness track on at all times. At 16:50, Sergey talks about how these wearables can transform accessibility within the healthcare industry, changing lives and extending our lifespans as a result.

Healthier, Not Just Longer

A longer lifespan doesn’t always mean a healthier lifespan. It is a fear of many that they will be kept alive, but have to rely on machines to keep their bodies running. As Sergey explains at 24:45, the focus of the Longevity Vision Fund is to allow people to live not just a longer life, but a healthier one.

AI Meets Doctors

There’s many unknowns when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Listen at 37:30 as Sergey discusses how the world is not all black and while, and how in the future we can expect doctors and AI to work together to care for us.


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