Lessons from an Entrepreneur: Tania Speaks 

Lessons from an Entrepreneur: Tania Speaks 

Many of us dream of going into business for ourselves. Do you have a great product or service that you wish you could sell to the world? If taking the plunge and becoming an entrepreneur has you paralyzed with fear, you’re not alone! Today’s guest will inspire you to take that leap of faith because she turned pain into profits. 

When it comes to starting a business, inspiration can come from some pretty unique and amazing sources. So many entrepreneurs are inspired by their families, friends, and different life’s passions. While you think of the many potential sources of inspiration for a young entrepreneur, you may not think that being bullied could be one of them. 

Becoming an Entrepreneur 

For my guest today, being bullied from a young age gave her the inspiration to start her own business. My guest is Tania Speaks, and she is the founder of Brow Boost. Tania has appeared in Time, Forbes, and Black Enterprise. She is also the winner of numerous Business Pitch contests. 

Did I mention she is only 17 years old? 

Tania is a freshman majoring in entrepreneurship at Hofstra University and most importantly she is the youngest entrepreneur ever featured here on The Profit Express. 

Tania was motivated to find a solution to her own problem eyebrows. In October 2016, at the age of 15, Tania created Brow Boost. This organic eyebrow gel is made for individuals looking to tame their bushy eyebrows or to grow thinning brows.

I know her story of turning pain into profit will not inspire you to becoming an entrepreneur, because it will serve as a reminder of how we look at and navigate life’s hurdles. 

Turning Pain into Profit

It’s no secret that kids can be cruel. As Tania discusses at 3:00, teasing about her eyebrows started when she was only in elementary school. While she thought these were just jokes from friends, they quickly turned into full-on bullying as she entered middle school. Social media made it impossible to escape the constant harassment about her looks. 

Tired of the bullying, Tania asked her mom if she could get her eyebrows professionally done. Her mother told her to be confident in herself, and promised her that “one day, someone will want your eyebrows.” 

Listen at 4:40 for the moment that changed everything. Tania took matters into her own hands, and she used a razor to shave her eyebrows off. She ended up cutting herself so badly that she was taken to the hospital in need of stitches. 

Like many entrepreneurs, Tania was impacted by one key moment in her life. She didn’t know it at the time, but deciding to shave off her eyebrows became the catalyst for her success. 

Finding the Secret Formula

After she cut her eyebrows, Tania made a trip to the beauty store to find something to help her heal. What she found was that the products on the market made her break out and only made her skin (and the bullying) worse. She was inspired to create something that would work for her. Becoming an entrepreneur was the furthest thing from her mind.

Tania researched essential oils, plants, and other ingredients that could heal her browns. From the comfort of her home, she mixed ingredients together to make a lightweight gel that was the perfect solution. 

Starting to Sell

The formula worked just as she hoped. Soon, Tania was being asked by her classmates just what she was using to make her eyebrows look so good. She started giving the mixture out for free before realizing she could make a profit off her creation. 

Once she started high school, Tania turned her eyebrow gel into a profit. She began to sell the mixture in the bathroom, quickly forming a loyal customer base.

Testing the Market

Business owners have to know how much to for their product or service. Knowing your market is a key to success. Tania started to test different price points, and she saw that her customers were willing to pay nearly twice her original asking price for the mixture. 

There’s more on Tania’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur! Stay tuned for Part 2 of my interview with Tania Speaks, where we discuss how Tania took Brow Boost from her high school bathroom to customers everywhere. 

Learn More About Brow Boost

You can find out more about Tania’s story and Brow Boost at browboostgel.com.

If you liked my interview with Tania – download more episodes of The Profit Express to inspire you on your journey to creating success.



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