Can Millennials Sell?

Can Millennials Sell?

Rob Basso is an executive business coach, speaker, and an entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple businesses. He is also possibly one of the best salespeople I have ever met! Rob understands better than anyone some of the issues facing the sales profession today. Due to growing negative perceptions and changes in communication styles, Millennials and Gen Z are not choosing a career in sales. That is going to put a hurting on the economy.

This week on The Profit Express I sit down with Rob Basso. We chat about some of the issues in sales today, and why “follow your passions” is terrible advice.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to listen to our conversation on how we can repair the stigma hitting the sales profession.

Show Highlights:

  • 6:40 – Where would Rob be if he wasn’t in sales?
  • 8:50 – How do we combat the perception problem in sales careers?
  • 12:10 – Who is to blame for a lack of people in sales?
  • 14:55 – Are the younger generations really disinterested in sales?
  • 17:20 – What advantages do the younger generations have?
  • 22:00 – Is this generation misunderstood?
  • 25:55 – Should you try to achieve social media fame?
  • 29:30 – What advice does Rob have for the aspiring salesperson?
  • 33:00 – How can we work together with the younger generation, even when they won’t pick up the phone?
  • 40:35 – Would Rob be a successful social media influencer?
  • 41:55 – What is Rob’s one do over?

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