Communicating with a Hand Written Note

Communicating with a Hand Written Note

I have always been a huge fan of the hand written note. I have sent them to prospects, clients, associates, and friends whenever I want to stand out and send a special message.

A hand written note sends more than just the actual message you have written in the card. Writing the note, addressing and stamping the envelope and dropping it in the mail takes time and effort. So when you send one you are telling the person that you care enough to make the effort.

Email versus a Hand Written Note?

Let’s face it, sending an email to say thanks, doesn’t separate you from the crowd. As business owners and sales professionals you are always looking for ways to do something special and to let your prospects and clients know they are special.

The digital world has even made emails seem formal compared to texts. Both are super convenient and great tools. But how many emails do you receive a day? How many texts do you receive a day? Nothing special there!

Why should YOU write hand notes?

Let me answer with a question. How many handwritten notes have you received today? Most likely none! That is why I write them because when someone receives one it is always special.

In the years that I have sent handwritten notes I have had numerous people save them, pin them up on a board, display them on their desk and on numerous occasions they have emailed, called or texted me to say thanks! It makes a difference and therefore it is worth the effort.

Which hand note is right for you?

This is where you can have some fun and let your personality shine! I use a hand note that has my company logo on it. Choosing your own logo is easy and it makes good branding sense. However there are limitless choices out there to help you make an impression.

You can choose cards that say everything from “Thank You” to “Thinking of You” and all kinds of images from flowers to bulldogs dressed like ballerinas. Who doesn’t smile when they see a bulldog dressed like a ballerina?

There is also a great service I just came across called Nicely Noted – – and they offer a subscription service where each month they will send you 3 handmade cards, 3 beautiful stamps and a reminder to write and send thoughtful notes. They are definitely worth checking out.

No matter what kind of note you choose – taking the time to sit down and write a note sayings “Thanks” or “Thinking of You” will ALWAYS go a long way in making a lasting impression!

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