How Did Bud Light Get it so WRONG?

How Did Bud Light Get it so WRONG?

Bill Corbett is a PR expert and the owner of Corbett Public Relations. He is also a crisis management expert who specializes in helping businesses through big PR blunders. Bill is here to chat about how to protect your brand in the face of a crisis.

This week on The Profit Express I sit down with Bill Corbett. He shares an update on the Anheuser-Busch controversy and how they alienated two target markets when they chose to abandon trans-influencer Dylan Mulvaney.  Bill also offers some of his strategies for handling whatever PR crisis hits your business.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to hear Bill’s ideas on how your business can get involved in causes, and how Bud Light got it horribly wrong with everyone.

This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years.


3:23: Did Bill get it right?

7:22: How did Bud Light screw it up with everyone?

12:30: Looking back at Nike’s Colin Kaepernick decision.

14:35: What are some cornerstone strategies in crisis management?

18:45: Who should your company spokesman be?

21:30: Should your brand get involved in causes?


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