All American Sock Star: Elle Rueger of Soledier Socks

All American Sock Star: Elle Rueger of Soledier Socks

Is your brand making an impact? The “buy one give one” strategy has allowed consumers of brands like Warby Parker and TOMS to help those in need with their purchase. My guest this week has achieved a trifecta of startup success with this business model, making a “Made in America” difference for our troops with one of the simplest accessories: socks.

This week I sit down with Elle Rueger. Elle is the owner of Soledier Socks, a sock company that donates a pair with every purchase to an active member of the military. Soledier socks are American made, something Elle is committed to maintaining, even as many textile businesses choose to move overseas. Elle and I chat about the early days of Soledier, and how she and her husband keep their business running, despite launching with her having no experience in the hosiery industry.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to hear why it is so important to Elle for Soledier to remain an American company, and  how a grassroots marketing approach has helped grow the brand.

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