The Entrepreneur Mindset: Eun Cho of Haymaker Coffee

The Entrepreneur Mindset: Eun Cho of Haymaker Coffee

We’ve all heard of the American Dream, but how many of us achieve it? With nearly one million small businesses opening per year in the United States, it takes a lot of passion and hard work to break into any industry. My guest this week is here to explain how important the entrepreneur mindset is to success, and how he is committed to the pursuit of the American Dream.

This week I sit down with Eun Cho, a first-generation immigrant from South Korea and one of the founders of Haymaker Coffee. Despite only launching in 2021, Haymaker is already hitting big numbers. The coffee company is available in restaurants and stores in Jacksonville, Florida, New York City, soon to be available through Target online, and is the newest coffee partner of the Jacksonville Icemen hockey team.

Eun is here to chat about his inspirations in founding and growing Haymaker, and how the “don’t say no” attitude he learned from his parents helps him tackle the unknowns as an entrepreneur.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to learn why Eun decided to break into the coffee industry, and how he plans to pivot his brand around his consumers.

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