Can Failure Be YOUR Key to Success?

Can Failure Be YOUR Key to Success?

We all start our lives differently. For some of us, our journeys begin easily, with good grades and supportive families. But for others, it’s nowhere near as easy. My guest this week is here to share how it’s not how we start our journeys, but what we do with them that really matters.

This week on The Profit Express, I sit down with Brian Will. Brian is a serial entrepreneur and two-time best-selling author. His book, I Give Dumb Kids Hope, details 57 life lessons to take you from despair to success. We chat about going from a 1.2 GPA to owning multi-million-dollar companies, and how he uses his “anger box” to drive his motivation.

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Show Highlights:

3:50 – What is Brian’s anger box?

9:40 – Brian details the first time he ever “cut a deal.”

15:35 – What did Brian learn from his landscaping and Amway jobs?

18:00 – How did Brian start his first business?

21:05 – How has failure paved the way for success?

23:20 – Where did Brian’s book title come from?

26:20 – What kept Brian going?

28:30 – What are Brian’s 100 rules of success?

31:50 – The impact of thought on your goals.

35:00 – What would Brian do differently on his journey?


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