How Can You Manage Millennials? Part II

How Can You Manage Millennials?  Part II

How Can You Manage Millennials?

If you are a manager or owner you have most likely been pulling your hair out trying to deal with Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials all working together.  Gen X wants autonomy while Millennials want coaching.  Business now demands that employees are up and running in a month not a year.

Feeling overwhelmed, don’t panic I have help for you.  My guest on The Profit Express is one of today’s most influential voices in workplace trends.  He is Chester Elton and he is a bestselling author who provides real solutions to leaders looking to manage a multi-generational workforce.

It is critical to understand the differences in generations in the workplace.  In the past we treated everyone the same.  However it no longer works when dealing with 4 generations in the same office!  Great managers are embracing the differences in their diverse workforce.

In my interview with Chester we dive into his latest book The Best Team Wins!  In his book Chester explores how psychological safety is necessary to having an engaged workforce.

What is psychological safety?  Essentially if employees feel that they are being attacked they won’t share their best ideas.  Employees should feel safe to be creative, share ideas and make mistakes.  When they do YOU have created an environment where creativity can flourish.

Chester really explored Millennials and their impact on today’s workplace.  Did you know that Boomers stay in jobs for an average of 7 years, Gen X 5 years and Millennials last only1.5 years?

How to Manage Millennials So They Stay Longer?

Chester suggests job sculpting as a way to better connect with Millennials.  Essentially job sculpting helps the employee create an intersection between what they are good at and passionate about.  That can create an environment where Millennials may last longer than 1.5 years!

Millennials are restless.  In my interview Chester went on to explain that great managers find ways to harness that energy. How – by focusing on the little things.

The little things can be as simple as letting employees know that, “I care about you”, “I want you to succeed” and “I am going to give you my time.”

The Best Team Wins is a great read for any and all managers.  Get your copy today!  To learn more about Chester Elton visit him here!

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