How to Hire a Salesperson: Mistakes to Avoid

How to Hire a Salesperson: Mistakes to Avoid

No manager enjoys going through interviews. But when you have an open position in your company, it is essential that you hire the best salesperson for the job. Unfortunately, hiring the wrong person can cost you thousands of dollars and endless frustration.

Download today’s episode of The Profit Express as I go through some of the top blunders I see owners and managers make when it is time to hire a new salesperson. Listen in and make sure to not waste your time and money by repeating some of these mistakes.

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Hiring Blunder #1: Hiring Fast and Firing Slow

As a business owner or sales manager, it is natural to want to fill an open position as soon as possible. However, you cannot let this desire cause you to rush through the interview process.

At 1:00, I discuss the issues surrounding hiring fast and firing slow. I also go through how to set your new hire up for success by giving clear and measurable benchmarks for him or her to hit in the first weeks or months in the role.

Hiring Blunder #2 Being Emotional During the Interview Process

While you want to let your personality shine when you are conducting sales calls, leave it behind when you walk into the interview room. Listen at 5:50 as I discuss how being objective is important when hiring for a sales role. Ask your interviewee an open-ended question, and then be quiet and let the candidate answer.

Hiring Blunder #3: Not Allowing the Applicant to Fail

No one likes to see another person fail, no matter what the situation. However, you cannot hire someone because you feel bad. When you are trying to hire a salesperson, you cannot guide his or her answers.

At 8:03, I discuss why you cannot stop the applicant from failing. Don’t help him or her answer your own questions. If the candidate is truly the right fit for the position, he or she will not need any additional support.

Tim’s Tips to Find Your Next Sales Superstar

During the hiring process, the candidate should be able to prove to you that he or she is best for the opening. But how do you know for sure? Listen at 16:17 as I walk you through some of my best tips on how to hire a salesperson who fits your organization.

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