Ian Scotto on the Growth of Podcasting

Ian Scotto on the Growth of Podcasting

The growth of podcasting has been unlike any other media explosion in history. Today, there are more than 750,000 active podcasts, and ⅓ of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month.

My guest today has seen first hand how quickly podcasting has grown. He is Ian Scotto, an award-winning radio producer who launched his radio career here at WRHU. He is the executive producer and co-host of The Battleline Podcast. Ian has embraced the “no rules” format of podcasting, interviewing a number of high-profile guests.

Covering the Hard Topics

On The Battleline Podcast, Ian and his co-host often interview guests who have experienced their share of struggles. At 5:00, Ian talks about how opening the door to these topics is just one way to end the stigma surrounding them. While mental health, drug use, and other subjects are not always easy to listen to, it is important to give these stories a platform that might not otherwise exist.

What Can Media Learn from Podcasting?

At 7:55, Ian discusses some of the major differences between podcasting and traditional media.  One of these differences is the lack of time constraints. There is no limit to how long a podcast can be, allowing hosts to deep dive in with a subject during a show. This results in a deeper conversation than you would expect to hear elsewhere.

Putting Things in Context

Listen at 11:15 where Ian talks about how podcasts allow listeners to hear and learn more than they would with traditional media. On radio or television news, you may hear just a soundbite from a guest. Podcasting has no time limits, allowing you to hear things in context.

Podcasting: Bigger and Bigger

It’s hard to believe that in just a few years, podcasting has become so popular. At 16:10, Ian talks about the explosion of podcasts. Over just the past 10 years, podcasting has grown from just another form of entertainment to one of the most popular types of media. The growth of podcasting and technology has made things move at a faster pace than ever before.

The Battleline Podcast

Ian serves as executive producer and co-host of The Battleline Podcast. Listen at 18:15 where Ian discusses what it has been like growing The Battleline Podcast into the show it is today. He has enjoyed having honest, real life conversations with each of his guests.

Is Podcasting Right for Your Business?

Should you start a podcast as a business owner? This isn’t the easiest decision for everyone to make. There are unlimited topics that you can choose for your podcast. At 23:05, Ian explains how that may not be enough to get you the listeners you want. If you aren’t that well known, it can be difficult to break through and have people find the show. By having a high-profile guest, you’ll get people to pay attention.


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