Can Local Coffee Shops Compete with Starbucks?

Can Local Coffee Shops Compete with Starbucks?

Coffee is a beverage that is near and dear to the heart of many, including me. Some of my earliest dates with my wife were at a local coffee shop here on Long Island. But that shop, like so many local coffee shops, has long since closed. My guests this week are here to chat about the challenges behind opening a coffee shop, and how you can compete with the Dunkins and Starbucks of the world.

This week on The Profit Express, I sit down with Andrew and Claire Bowen, the husband-and-wife coffeepreneurs behind best-selling book The Daily Grind. We chat about the ins and outs of the coffee industry, from what makes a great coffee shop, to the mistakes that entrepreneurs open when they start brewing.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to learn if you’re the right type of person to own a coffee shop, and what went wrong when Andrew and Claire ran their own coffee shop.

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Show Highlights:

5:30 – Why is the coffee shop industry littered with failure?

8:35 – What makes a great coffee shop?

14:00 – What type of person makes a great coffee shop owner?

20:20 – What it does to scale a coffee shop?

27:30 – How do you make your business Instagrammable?

32:10 – How does a small coffee shop compete with Starbucks?

42:40 – What is a must have for anyone who wants to invest in a coffee shop?


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