What Does it Take to Sell 106,000 Pints of Beer?

What Does it Take to Sell 106,000 Pints of Beer?

Making the decision to open your own business comes with an inherent risk. How can you set yourself up for success? My guest today knows what it’s like to go all in on a plan, and he’s brewing up record sales.

This week on The Profit Express, I sit down with Mark Heuwetter. Mark is the owner of Six Harbors Brewing Company, a local brewery in Huntington, New York. He walked away from a successful career in finance, taking the risk of cashing in his 401K to open his brewery. The result? More sales than he could have ever anticipated. We talk about the importance of creating a detailed business plan, and why he was inspired by The Brady Bunch.

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Show Highlights:

2:44 – Mark shares how brewing beer in his dorm helped his college social life.

6:20 – What went into finding the perfect brewery space?

11:20 – Did doubt ever creep in during the 18 months it took to open the brewery doors?

12:25 – How did a detailed business plan keep him confident?

18:15 – What is the experience like at Six Harbors Brewing?

20:30 – How did Mike Brady inspire Mark?

23:40 – When did Mark know the idea was worth cashing out his 401k?

27:10 – How close was his original business plan to what he has achieved?

31:00 – Why did Mark avoid going the route of distribution?

34:30 – What is the marketing strategy for Six Harbors?

37:00 – What would Mark do differently?


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