Do Kids Still Play With Toys?

Do Kids Still Play With Toys?

We all have a favorite toy from our childhood. Whether you were a fan of Barbie or Battleship, you had something you loved to play with when you were little. But with a focus on tech and tablets, are kids today even still playing with toys? Is the industry at risk of failing? My guest today is an expert in all things toys, and he’s got some great news about the future of the industry.

This week on The Profit Express, I sit down with Matt Nuccio. Matt is the President of leading toy development company Design Edge. Design Edge is co-credited with the development of such classic toys as Creepy Crawlers and Tickle Me Elmo. Matt is here to chat about how the industry has changed over time, and how adults have led to a boom in sales.

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Show Highlights:

3:21 – What was Matt’s favorite childhood toy?

4:34 – What is the state of the toy industry in 2023?

7:45 – What was it like being involved in the Tickle Me Elmo craze?

10:40 – Does the Toy Fair still make or break a toy?

12:45 – What goes into designing and launching a toy?

20:05 – What is the process of inventing like?

21:30 – What did Matt learn from his parents about business?

32:30 – What does Matt like doing most in his Design Edge role?

34:10 – How does toy manufacturing differ in the United States?

36:20 – Are kids looking for different types of toys?

41:10 – Did Matt have any missed toy opportunities?

43:00 – Where are toy stores going today?

47:55 – What would Matt do over if he had a chance?


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