Never Assume the Sale

Never Assume the Sale

We have all heard of the Assumptive Close in selling. However, I am not going to write about the Assumptive Close today. Instead, I want to remind sales professionals to “Never Assume the Sale.”

Let me tell you why I want to talk about Never Assuming the Sale. In a recent coaching session with a client (I’ll call him Frank), we were reviewing his pipeline of opportunities. He was very excited about a potential future sales opportunity for $900k with an existing client (I’ll call her Louise). As we were discussing the details of his pipeline, he mentioned that he was talking about the $900k opportunity while they were also discussing a current quote for $100k sale that she needed now!

That is when my client lost sight of the “Now Sale” and assumed. Frank was supposed to meet with Louise to review the details of the $100k deal. Then, Frank started to really dig down on the $900k opportunity forgetting about why he was there in the 1st place. It is always ok to talk about future opportunities. But he went too far. The focus of the conversation went from what was important to Louise TODAY to something in the FUTURE. Her agenda did not include talking about the $900k opportunity.

As Frank continued to sell her as to why she should go with him for the big deal instead of a competitor – the deal blew up and he didn’t see it coming.

Louise told Frank, “We should take baby steps with the $900k opportunity.  I haven’t done enough due diligence with the other vendor.  I’ll reach out to them to see what they are offering.”

Ouch.  Talk about a 1 – 2 punch to the gut! That is when my client asked me what he can do to save the deal. He had a follow up meeting to close the $100k Now Sale.

That is when I immediately jumped in, to coach him through this.

He asked, when he should mention the opportunity for the $900k. I told him NOT TO MAKE a single mention of it. He shockingly replied, “No. Say nothing!” Yes that’s correct – say nothing – as if it doesn’t exist.

This is what happens next: he has the meeting and doesn’t mention a word about the $900k. He closed the $100K Now Sale! At the end of the meeting Louise asks, “What happens next?” Frank said, “We should meet in December to make sure we are on track and to begin to plan for 2023.” Then she said, “Sounds good, then it would probably make sense to talk about the $900k opportunity.”

Being greedy has a bad aroma. It repels people. Being confident draws people in. Make sure to always take care of today’s sale first so you don’t lose your chance to close tomorrow’s sale.


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