Taking on Personal Battles: Hilary Topper

Taking on Personal Battles: Hilary Topper

We all face battles every single day at work. But we also face personal battles in life that challenge us to push with everything that we have. My guest this week is here to talk about how taking on these battles can give us the strength we need to tackle challenges in other areas of our lives.

My guest today is no stranger to The Profit Express. She is Hilary Topper, blogger, writer, podcaster, triathlete, and marketing maven. Hilary is here today to discuss smashing a big goal in a distance swim, and how it compares to my recent climb of Mt. Washington.

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Finding Her Strength

Hilary runs the successful Triathlete’s Diary Blog. There is always a big race on her calendar. While she grew up in Long Beach, Hilary only recently learned how to swim. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she set her sights on a big swimming event here on Long Island.

Starting at 5:00, listen as Hilary details her challenges during the annual Maggie Fischer Memorial Swim. The swim takes participants 5.5 miles from Fire Island to Bay Shore. Despite being knocked off course and swimming extra, listen as Hilary describes how she found the strength to hit her goal.

Fighting Your Own Battle

You always see articles about mega business successes like Tim Cook and Elon Musk. The articles detail how they wake up at 4:00 am to get work done. This advice is unrealistic, and is usually the opposite of motivating for the average person.

At 16:00, Hilary and I discuss how whether you’re struggling in your first hike, facing lower sales numbers, or just making a long-awaited trip to the gym, life is about embracing the suck and fighting your own personal battles throughout the peaks and valleys.

Why Keep Going On?

This year was my 4th attempt at climbing Mount Washington. But I kept coming back, despite multiple failures. Listen at 19:00 as I detail what happened in years prior, and why it was impossible for me to accept not completing my goal.

A Special Rainbow

In June of 2020, I lost my sister Maureen to COVID-19. The loss was a tremendous one for my family, but it also gave me extra motivation to achieve something extraordinary. At 27:30, I tell the story of a very special rainbow on the day of the climb, and how my brother and I brought Maureen with us every step of the way.


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