Pursuing Your Passion Part II

Pursuing Your Passion

Pursuing Your Passion

You have no doubt heard that Pursuing Your Passion is the way to go when starting a business.  Maybe it is – maybe it isn’t.

Let’s face it starting a business requires a series of gut wrenching decisions to get it right.  What happens if Pursuing Your Passion doesn’t pay?  My guest, Founder and CEO of Associated HCM, Rob Basso pursued the right business model.  Find out how he is now running his 2nd successful startup after just having sold his 1st which he created 20 years ago.

Does Pursuing Your Passion Pay the Bills?

Rob Basso didn’t necessarily see the payroll industry as a sexy industry or a passion he was pursuing.  He did see payroll as a great business model that offers a critical service that can help so many other small businesses grow.  As a goal driven, motivated entrepreneur, Rob pursued his dream of owning a successful business and created Advantage Payroll.

When I asked Rob how do you know which is the right company to start he said, “Investigate industries that interest you and that make money!”  It’s not always about pursuing passion – especially if it doesn’t pay.

Time to Sell

After having built a successful company over the last 20 years, the time to sell was right.  This past April Rob sold Advantage Payroll to the $3 billion dollar giant!  It turns out his passion was for his people.  When he sold, it ended up being a very emotional time for him as he was saying goodbye to some of the people he worked with since day one.

Motivation is Key

Rob is motivated to capitalize on his payroll experience and reach the growth he did with Advantage in half the time!  I asked Rob what he felt was more important – motivation or confidence.  Rob said, “If I had to choose one I would say motivation is more important.  It is what gets you up in the morning.  It gets you out of bed and puts a smile on your face to close the deal.”

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