Scott Baker Returns to The Profit Express

Scott Baker Returns to The Profit Express

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be more successful in your business and life? Well, it takes more to be successful than simply being serious and working hard all the time. 

My guest today is no stranger to bringing the laughs to The Profit Express. He is improv comedian Scott Baker. Scott teaches improv and was recently featured in the Netflix movie The Irishman.

Scott and Scorsese

Have you caught the latest hit movie The Irishman? You might have noticed a familiar face in the courtroom scene! Scott Baker appears as a federal marshall in an integral part of the film.

Starting at 4:09, Scott talks about his time filming The Irishman, including an interaction with famous director Martin Scorsese. Scott was on set with an FBI consultant when he noted that the courtroom scene wasn’t being filmed as the action would have taken place in the real world. Who should appear but Scorsese himself? Scott got to (semi) call the shots to keep the flick as realistic as possible.

Is Scott ready for his closeup? Listen at 8:20 when he talks about how his role may not be leading to an appearance at the Oscars this year.

Guess the Business Icon

One of the most popular games here on The Profit Express is back! Listen at 10:45 for the latest version of “Guess the Business Icon.” See if you can beat Scott and guess the business icons of yesterday and today in as few clues as possible.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my interview with Scott, where we guess more business icons.

If you liked my talk with Scott, download more episodes of The Profit Express to inspire you on your road to business success.


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