The Power of Self-Talk with Steve Rizzo

The Power of Self-Talk with Steve Rizzo

Bad news, bad moods, and bad thoughts are contagious. When it feels like everything in the world is becoming worse as time goes on, how can we maintain a positive and motivated attitude?

My guest today is comedian, public speaker, and attitude adjuster Steve Rizzo. Steve is here to discuss how we can protect our thoughts, even when we are bombarded by negativity. His self-talk and inner dialogue strategies will help empower you to overcome negative and defeating thoughts.

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Start Your Day with Gratitude

The last 12 months have been filled with endless challenges for so many people. While you may want to spend your time wallowing, Steve has a better solution.

Listen at 5:26 to hear why you should start your morning with gratitude. When you wake up in the morning, don’t immediately remind yourself of the bad things that happened the day before. Take 30 to 60 seconds and express gratitude for something, no matter how small. Whether you had a great dinner, got a raise, or even if you just found a good parking spot at the store, there is always something to be grateful for. By taking the time to remember this, you’ll remind yourself that good things are possible.

Common Sense Success Strategies

There are thousands of self-improvement books on the market, each with its own ideas on how you can live a happier life. At 12:30, Steve outlines his common sense success strategies.

We are all born with the ability to change our lives. Unfortunately, most of us forget we have this power. Steve says the more we practice positive self-talk and other strategies, the easier it becomes to work through challenges. He outlines his 3 major principles:

  • Principle 1: You are the creator of your success and happiness.
  • Principle 2: You are the only problem you will ever have. Somewhere within you, there is always a solution.
  • Principle 3: When you are confronted with a problem, can you manage your mind to find the solution?

Meeting Christopher Reeve

If Steve inspires you so far, you aren’t alone. Listen at 17:40 to hear how Steve was able to inspire Superman himself. He met Christopher Reeve, who is the perfect embodiment for the idea that you must accept your problem and figure out how to cope with it.

Your Reasons for Quitting

Positive self-talk seems easy enough to implement into your daily routine. For those who doubt how much it can help, Steve has some words of wisdom. At 22:35, he is clear that if you aren’t owning the problem, you can’t be open to the solution. Anyone can think of a reason to not do something, and the more you focus on what you don’t have, the more of that negativity you will get in return.

The Labels that Never Go Away

Have you ever had someone tell you that you weren’t good enough to do something? Steve has. Listen at 24:30 where he discusses how he was told by his 8th grade guidance counselor that he wasn’t cut out for college. Later, in high school, he was voted “Least Likely to Succeed.”

While positive self-talk can help you change your mindset, it doesn’t take away these labels. Steve created self-sabotaging beliefs and decisions based on what he was told when he was younger. His lesson? Unless you become aware of what is owning you and why you are getting into the same situation, you will never find a way out.

Changing Your Mindset is Not Easy

At 38:20, Steve touches on just how difficult it is to change your perception. Despite how hard it is, truly successful and optimistic people know that they become their thoughts. Your thoughts create the beliefs you have, and your beliefs lead to the actions you take.

Steve’s Biggest Inspiration

Who is the person who has had the biggest impact on your life? Listen at 45:20 to hear Steve discuss the story of his brother Michael. Michael was severely injured during the Vietnam War, to the point where doctors did not believe he could survive the night. Today, doctors call him “The Miracle Man.” Steve talks about the influence Michael has had on him, as well as how self-talk can make a miracle possible.

Even the Happiest People Struggle

While positive self-talk will help you live a happier life, Steve warns that it won’t prevent everyday problems. At 55:10, he shares the biggest lesson he’s learned to propel him to where he is now. Truly successful and happy people are not exempt from the trials and tribulations of life. Some of the most successful people he knows have overcome incredible odds. The difference is they all have an uncanny way of riding the winds of change. They know that good times and bad times will come in life.


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