Why Does the IRS Suck?

Why Does the IRS Suck?

Small business owners have three trusted advisors: an accountant, an attorney, and a financial advisor. These advisors like to do things by the book. But what if your advisor took a different approach in their services? My guest today offers a fun, uplifting, and entertaining experience…from an accountant.

This week on The Profit Express I sit down with John Briggs. John is the founder and CEO of Incite Tax & Accounting, an accounting firm based in Utah. He is also the author of Profit First for Microgyms. John is here to offer his biggest financial advice for small business owners, no knowledge of debits and credits needed.

Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to hear how Insight became the go-to accountant for gym owners, and why he thinks the IRS is made up of a big group of bullies.

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