Sunny Bonnell: Being a Rebel

Sunny Bonnell: Being a Rebel

When most people think of a “rebel,” they picture a troublemaker. The truth is, rebels are often the ones who enact change in society. Being a rebel isn’t something that should be discouraged, but instead should be celebrated.  

My guest today is inspired by being a rebel. She is Sunny Bonnell, co-founder of The Motto Agency, a creative marketing agency with business partner Ashleigh Hansberger. Sunny is also the co-author of Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different. Her book details how important it is to be true to yourself both in work and life. It also addresses seven “bad” traits (Rebellious, Audacious, Obsessed, Hot-Blooded, Weird, Hypnotic, Emotional) and how to use them to your benefit. 

Sunny’s Favorite Rebels 

Who are some of Sunny’s favorite rebels? Listen at 2:00 where she speaks about inspiring people like Emma Gonzalez and Rosa Parks. These two women made just one decision to speak up. To Sunny, that showcases what it means to be a rebel.  

Rebellion does not have to be loud. It can be as easy as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s the overthrow of the good in favor of the better. We can all be rebellious in our daily decisions. Someone simply being the voice for those who cannot speak embodies the rebel spirit. 

What Makes a Rebel?

Listen at 4:50 where Sunny talks about how we as humans don’t always view ourselves as rebels. What we do doesn’t have to be a major action. Simply going against what’s expected of us makes us rebellious.

Kevin Kelley, the head football coach at Pulaski Academy in Arkansas, doesn’t punt on 4th down. In the football world, this is a majorly rebellious action. Kelley has won numerous state titles, but he is best known for being a rebel. 

Audacity Chooses You

Rare Breed, covers 7 traits that society often condemns, along with ways to use these virtues to your benefit. At 12:40, Sunny discusses how audacity is one such virtue. She says that “no one chooses to be audacious. It chooses you.” Audacity is something that comes with being a visionary – it makes you do the impossible. 

When Rare Breed was rejected over and over, Sunny and Ashleigh were told to change the name and rewrite the book. They didn’t, instead turning the “no” into an opportunity to hear a “yes.” 

Diverting from the Plans

It’s important to have a plan or strategy in place. However, as Sunny says at 16:30, sometimes a plan can confine you. For your success, it is more valuable to be able to adapt, be flexible, and at necessary times. Some of the best times that Sunny and Ashleigh have had is when they went against their set plan. 

How can you be more flexible in your life? Sunny suggests experimenting with things you like or are interested in. Take that cooking class! Go on an adventure! Sometimes, you have to take a chance, even if it’s not on the plan. 

100% Obsessed

In Rare Breed, obsession is listed as one of the vices. Listen at 21:35 where Sunny discusses how this vice describes her to a T. During the first draft of the Rare Breed quiz, Sunny always received “obsessed” as her vice. She says that, like many others, her obsession is paralyzing, as she is always looking to make things as perfect as possible. 

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