Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy with Hilary Topper

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy with Hilary Topper

Social media. Websites. Podcasts. These days, everything is available and consumed in a digital format. It should come as no surprise that customers have gone digital in how they shop. My guest today knows how creating a digital marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals. She has literally written the book on the importance of a digital strategy.

My guest today is Hilary Topper, CEO of HJMT Public Relations. Her new book, Branding in a Digital World, details the way to take an integrated marketing approach to building a business. She is a social media and marketing maven with decades of experience making her clients known.

Learn from the Sony Walkmen

You’ve probably heard of, and likely owned, a Soundabout. Never heard of it? That’s because Sony made the right change to its marketing strategy, creating a cultural icon.

Listen at 4:10 to hear the story of the Sony Walkman. Hilary discusses the important lesson you can learn from Sony. When a marketing strategy isn’t working, you must refine it. Sony did this, and throughout the years has sold more than 400 million Walkmans.

Take this lesson to heart for your own business. If you aren’t fresh and relevant, you are going to lose market share. Hilary recommends looking at your brand and seeing what makes sense for today’s audience. What can you highlight in your marketing that your competitors cant?

Updating Your Strategy

How do you know if your strategy is relevant? At 5:40, Hilary discusses the importance of a SWOT analysis. By analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you will have a clearer picture of where you stand.

Hilary speaks about thinking of your customers and goals when creating a digital marketing strategy. Many business owners don’t even ask their customers what they like about them! Asking these questions can mean the difference between success and failure.

The HubSpot Buyer Persona

Quick: who is your customer? If you don’t know who your buyer is, creating a buyer persona can help you. Listen at 7:40 for Hilary’s view on this important tool from HubSpot, a digital marketing platform. She recommends naming your ideal buyer and describing him or her. Once you’ve created a persona, creating a digital marketing strategy becomes easier.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my interview with Hilary, where we talk about the real powers that consumers have in the media.

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