Building Customer Loyalty: Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports

Building Customer Loyalty: Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports

Think carefully about the products you purchase or the stores you visit. Chances are, you only buy a certain brand of electronics, or you only frequent a specific coffee shop in your town. Building customer loyalty should be a goal for any business owner. However, you need more than just a great product to turn a customer into a devoted fan. With the right social media engagement practices, you can build a community of loyal fans. 

In my interview with Rob Cressy, we discuss what social media engagement is, and how to use it to increase brand loyalty. Rob is the founder of Bacon Sports, a sports content and social media marketing agency that helps brands engage with sports fans.

Customers vs. A Community of Fans

Many business owners believe that to achieve success, they must have as many customers as possible. At 3:50, Rob explains why quantity is not always better than quality. Rob says that building customer loyalty should be the focus of your marketing plan. 

What is the difference between a customer and a community? A customer is purely transactional – he or she purchases your items for one reason or another. A community is made up of fans who stay loyal to you and your products. 

The digital world has evolved in a way that most of us never thought possible. Today, social media engagement is more important than ever before. A customer can buy something and have it arrive in a day. Because buyers have never had so many choices, it is important to build loyalty in every potential customer.

Turning Customers into Fans

How do you take your customers from everyday shoppers to a dedicated community? Listen at 6:51, where Rob discusses his 3-part strategy of “strategy, mindset, execution” to build a loyal customer base.

According to Rob, many of today’s brands fail because they adopt a “spray and pray” approach to their marketing plans. Owners assume that the simple act of posting a piece of content is enough to get the job done. Just as you wouldn’t build a house without a blue print, you need a plan for engagement to achieve marketing success. 

Strategy, Mindset, Execution: Strategy

Without the right plan in place, you’ll find it is nearly impossible to succeed. At 8:15, Rob discusses how building customer loyalty is possible by creating an effective marketing strategy. Thinking about the ways to engage with customers, how often, and what types of posts to make is key. 

Finding the Time

As a business owner, your time is very valuable. You may not think you have the time, resources, or knowledge to develop an effective social media strategy. However, the truth is that no one does. It only takes a few hours a week to form a strategy for success. By adding structure, you can save time, increase quality, and increase social post volume.

One area where brands fail in building customer loyalty and engagement is they just post “buy what I’m selling” and assume it’s enough. Customers don’t care without a reason to look forward to hearing from you. When Rob creates a strategy for his Bacon Sports clients, he looks at what is important for a brand to tell. 

Strategy, Mindset, Execution: Mindset

What sets your brand apart from others? How can you communicate that to your audience? Listen at 10:30 where Rob explains that to create a strong marketing plan, he puts himself in the shoes of the customers. Thinking “what would I want to see?” allows you to develop stronger content. Instead of creating 38 messages about “buy this product,” give customers a look behind your brand. Inspiring, educating, and entertaining your audience will make a customer more likely to be interested in what you have to sell. 

Strategy, Mindset, Execution: Execution

Once you have a plan, it is time to execute it. However, as Rob explains at 12:55, it is essential that you do not let excuses derail your strategy. Bacon Sports had zero funding and started with zero resources. Rob says you need to make time, not excuses.

If you already have the right strategy, you are in a great place. It is important to remember that when it comes to content, one is always greater than zero. Can you do one tweet per day? What about two? Can you create one video per week? Over time, making one movement at a time allows you to build momentum. If you don’t do it, your competitor is going to – and they are going to beat you. 

The Importance of Content

When it comes to building customer loyalty, obscurity is your biggest issue. The last thing you want to do is create a company that no one knows about. At 16:00, Rob talks about how content is extremely important for customer engagement. Social media, videos, live streaming, podcasts, and other engaging content will help you build a customer base. 

Starting Videos

Ever notice how every website has more videos than ever before? Listen at 17:10 where Rob explains why if your brand is not producing video content, it needs to start. Video will only become more important, and this content can be used on every social media site. A brand itself does not have a heartbeat. However, through video you can build a brand voice and name. A customer can see and hear your message clearly, and become more likely to join your community. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my interview with Rob Cressy, where we discuss how you can build a community of loyal fans. To learn more about Bacon Sports, visit their website at

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