Carrie Kerpen Teaches YOU how to WORK IT!

Carrie Kerpen Teaches YOU how to WORK IT!

This podcast is dedicated to all the women out there.  If YOU are feeling unappreciated at work, if your confidence hasn’t quit caught up to your competence, if you would promote a friend before yourself or maybe you just can’t find the courage to say NO – then you are going to love my interview with Carrie Kerpen because she will show you how to WORK IT.

Carrie is a pioneer in the world of Social Media Marketing, she is the CEO of a multimillion dollar social media agency – called Likeable Media – as well as the host of the hugely successful podcast – All The Social Ladies.  And now an author of a brand new book called – Work IT! – Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business!!!

In America today women own 11.6 million businesses, employing nearly 9 million people with $1.7 trillion in revenue.  The impact of women on the American economy is undeniable and Carrie speaks to the many issues facing women both personally and professionally.

Networking for Women

On the topic of networking Carrie says, “For women, we have an aversion to networking because we tend to fear being pushy.  When a woman is pushy she is being unlikeable.  So it is a very challenging thing for women.  For me, I found that there is no one right way to network.  You have to do what works for you and cut through the clutter and be memorable.”

Confidence to Ask for the Job

Carrie shares how women can have a hard time to advocate for themselves.  When looking to apply for a job, Carrie said, “Men will apply for a job it they meet 60% of the qualifications on a job description and a women will wait until she has met 90-100% of the qualifications.  The reality is we are focusing far too much on competence, without giving as much weight to the most important thing we as women are really lacking per the research which is confidence.  We have to focus on confidently presenting ourselves.”

Work Life Balance  

Of course you can’t discuss women in business and not discuss the importance of Life Balance and being a mom.  Carrie got great advice from Kass Lazerow who told Carrie that you can have it all just not at the same time.  Moms need to outsource as much as possible and also understand that you can’t be great at all things all at once – and that’s ok.

So if you are one of the Fabulous Female Fans of The Profit Express enjoy my conversation with Carrie as she shares her journey of success as a women business owner in 2018!


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