Female Entrepreneur Beats the Odds!

Female Entrepreneur Beats the Odds!

Thereasa Black is a modern-day Willy Wonka. The single mom is the owner and operator of Bon AppèSweet. Since her last appearance on The Profit Express, Thereasa has seen her business grow to levels she never dreamed of when she first started making her own chocolate. Thereasa is here to chat about how Bon AppèSweet has grown, what she’s learned over the years, and what’s next.

This week on The Profit Express, I sit down with Thereasa Black. We chat about how Thereasa has hustled her way into opening her own factory, and how being a lawyer gave her a necessary edge in funding.

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Show Highlights:

5:57 – How does it feel for Thereasa to now have her own chocolate factory?

7:20 – How has Bon AppeSweet grown over the years?

16:05 – What is it like working with Wal-Mart?

20:50 – How did deployment help Thereasa focus on her dream?

24:00 – Learn how Thereasa started as an entrepreneur, way back in high school!

26:15 – What has been Thereasa’s biggest surprise over the last few years?

36:50 – What lessons did she learn raising money?

39:50 – Will Thereasa be on Shark Tank?

42:30 – What’s next for Bon AppèSweet?


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