King of Sales and Napoleon Hill I

King of Sales and Napoleon Hill I

King of Sales and Napoleon Hill

In August of 1993 my brother gave me a copy of Napoleon Hill’s Self-Help classic Think and Grow Rich.  If you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is or haven’t heard of his book – stop what you are doing and buy the book now.  In the hundred years since he began writing and teaching, Napoleon Hill’s book has sold over 100 million copies.  To this day he holds the position as world leader in self-help, personal development and positive attitude.

Just as Think and Grow Rich, has impacted millions of readers it also has impacted who I am as a person, father, business owner and radio show host.  My interview is going to be special for all startups and entrepreneurs listening – because a few years ago the Napoleon Hill Foundation uncovered Hill’s ORIGINAL writings and teachings from 1919.

The Foundation reached out to today’s guest – who is a BEST SELLING AUTHOR, SPEAKER, SALES KING AND DAD.  They asked him to edit and annotate Hill’s original writings for the 21st Century into the new book Truthful Living.

You will no doubt know him from one of his 1st Best Sellers – The Sales Bible – The Ultimate Sales Resource.  He is of course the King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer.

Just as Think and Grow Rich had a huge impact on me – it also had a profound impact on Jeffrey.  When in 1971 he was a member of a fledgling sales team where he was forced to read Think and Grow Rich.  At 1st he was less than excited to read about “positive attitude” but he eventually got the message.  It was a book that was destined to change his life.

Napoleon Hill’s Impact on the King of Sales

Listen at 6:55 as Jeffrey Gitomer explains the biggest impact Think and Grow Rich had on Gitomer.

In fact Jeffrey read it 10 times his first year in sales.  As a result of studying Hill’s teaching he has developed an unbreakable positive attitude that has help propel him toward success for the last 47 years.

The King of Sales and Napoleon Hill Demand Success

Lesson # 1 in Thoughtful Living, Napoleon Hill talks about Demanding Success.  Hill discusses how if you become a great person, it will be because you have first WILLED TO BECOME GREAT!  Listen at 9:06 to Jeffrey as he explains the importance on Demanding Success!

To learn more about the King of Sales visit Jeffrey Gitomer here.  Please visit the Napoloen Hill Foundation as well to see Hill’s works.

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