Selling Yourself with Jeffrey Gitomer

Selling Yourself with Jeffrey Gitomer

Selling Yourself with Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer, author, speaker and King of Sales, talks about Selling Yourself in his latest book Truthful Living.  The book was a collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and Jeffrey.  The Hill Foundation discovered original writings from Napoleon Hill from 1919.  They asked Jeffrey to edit and annotate them for the 21st Century.

Selling Yourself and Your Services is one of the key lessons in the book.  Listen in at 6:45 as Jeffrey shared a personal story of how  “Selling Yourself” is all in your head.

The story goes like this.  Jeffrey ran into Business Journal publisher and friend Mark Ethridge at the Charlotte Airport.  Mark asked Jeffrey what his speaking fee is.  Jeffrey had recently raised it from $5,000 to $6,000 and was proud of the fact.  Mark asked him, “Are you 20% better?”  Jeffrey responded, “I don’t know.”  Mark told him that your fee is in your head.

When he returned from his trip Jeffrey raised his fee to $7,500 on sheer nerve.  That year Jeffrey gave 100 speeches and earned an additional $150k in sales.

Napoleon Hill’s Impact on the King of Sales

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich had a profound impact on Jeffrey.  In 1971 he was a member of a fledgling sales team where he was forced to read Think and Grow Rich.  At 1st he was less than excited to read about “positive attitude” but he eventually got the message.  It was a book that was destined to change his life.

In fact Jeffrey read it 10 times his first year in sales.  As a result of studying Hill’s teaching he has developed an unbreakable positive attitude that has helped propel him toward success for the last 47 years.

Jeffrey Gitomer compares Napoleon Hill to Modern Day Gurus

I wanted to get Jeffery’s opinion on how Napoleon Hill and his message compared to the message of today’s Self-Help Gurus.  Listen at 10:24 as Jeffrey explains how Hill’s message has stood the test of time!!!

To learn more about the King of Sales visit Jeffrey Gitomer here.  Please visit the Napoloen Hill Foundation as well to see Hill’s works.  If you loved my interview with Jeffrey Gitomer – then you can download more great shows on my site!!!


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