Moverz: Bringing STATTfest to Life

Moverz: Bringing STATTfest to Life

“What if?” Is there a worse question to ask? My guests today think so. They have made this mindset their mission, inspiring others to bring their ideas to life. As part of their mission, they hosted the first ever STATTfest to raise funds for those looking to thrive on Long Island.

My guests today are Ryan Costello and Kenzie Ferrara from Moverz. Moverz is a local collective of entrepreneurs that seeks to connect individuals with like-minded people to make their ideas into a reality. The Moverz mission is to inspire people to take action on their passion by inspiring, educating, and providing resources so that people can do what they love together.

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The Pineapple Technique

STATTfest is a Long Island music festival that showcases local talent. Standing for “Summer Time All the Time,” the event fosters the development of start-up business, philanthropic, and art projects on Long Island.

But the idea almost died due to an infamous festival.

Listen at 2:42 to hear how Moverz had to take some special risks to make STATTfest into a reality. They had the misfortune of promoting the event right after the release of two Fyre Festival documentaries, making it impossible to find investors. Because they ran out of time to promote while they were dealing with the event logistics, they got creative. Ryan and co-founder Matt dressed up like pineapples (the STATTfest logo) while they shopped for supplies. These outfits got people asking, and they were able to tell them about the event.

This approach is also a great sales technique. Instead of just announcing their event, they made people ask “what is this about?” It becomes an easier sale when the buyer is already curious.

Out of Their Comfort Zone

Sometimes, it takes a little extra bravery to make things happen. At 5:36, Ryan and Kenzie discuss just how important it was to bring the team together for a final push. Even Kenzie, who is usually more reserved, broke out of her shell to dress up. Thanks to efforts by the entire team, friends and family, they sold 1,500 tickets in just 2 weeks.

Achieving their goal thanks to some good ideas and the support of the community was the perfect way to showcase what Moverz is about. At 8:40, Ryan talks about how they were able to show the community that there’s no room for doubt. No matter what happens, you have to try.

Looking to 2020

After hosting a successful first STATTfest, the Moverz are looking towards the future. Listen at 9:43 where Ryan and Kenzie discuss their goal for 2020. STATTfest is being hosted at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration on September 12 and 13. The goal this year? 20,000 attendees. Ryan is confident that after a successful first year, the sky is the limit.


You can learn more about Moverz and STATTfest here.

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